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If you are interested in breaking into the blossoming cannabis industry in Nevada, look no further. CUT ABOVE is looking to hire the most passionate, professional, and diversely knowledgeable individuals to service the marijuana industry. No previous experience necessary, we will train all employees, and provide all the necessary tools for success.

We work with many clients in the Nevada Marijuana industry to provide staffing solutions for their Industry needs, and we seek professionals that will live up to the Cut Above name. We work in the most sophisticated environments with a streamlined process for quality and efficiency to move the most beautiful product in the least amount of time. We provide premium training and education so that you have all of the tools, but you must provide the WILL TO SUCCEED and GROW. We take our business very seriously as the marijuana industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments. We operate under the highest standards of discipline, confidentiality, and professionalism. Any breach of protocol will not be tolerated.

Job Types

  • Trimming – Trim buds in a Commercial Grow.

  • Harvest – Break down, De-fan & Hang Cannabis for drying

  • Budtender – Work with the public in local Dispensaries.

  • Growers – Work with plants,  grow commercial cannabis (for experienced growers only)

Staffing Types

  • Entry level marijuana jobs

  • Intermediate level marijuana jobs

  • Temporary marijuana jobs

  • Temp-to-hire marijuana jobs

  • Part- and full-time permanent positions

Marijuana Employment Requirements

Marijuana Employees must receive an “agent registration card” from the Nevada State Health Division in order to work at a Nevada medical marijuana establishment. The application for the agent card asks for the following information:

  • Name, address, date of birth, and social security number

  • A pledge not to give medical marijuana to anyone not legally allowed to have it

  • Fingerprints and authorization to submit to an FBI background check.  In addition, prospective workers must fit all of the following requirement:

    • The applicant is over 21 years old.
    • The applicant never had a previous agent registration card revoked, and the applicant has never previously been an owner, officer or board member of a medical marijuana establishment that had its registration revoked.
    • The applicant is not in violation of a child support order.
    • The applicant has no past convictions for drug felonies or violent felonies. (Violent felonies involve the use, threatened use, or substantial risk of using force against the person or property of another.) Note that this does not include convictions for which the case was closed at least ten (10) years ago.

You need: Your Social Security number, updated resume outlining work history, and a valid photo ID

If hired, all Employees must engage in registered fingerprinting and must pass a federal FBI background check. This process will take up 45 days to complete. Work will begin after successful processing.


  • Total $185
  • State licensing application for One Year of licensing $75 (Money Order)
  • Fingerprint Card with LiveScan, Nevada Department of Public Safety Processing Fees, State and Federal Background Checks, Photos $110
    (NRS 453A.322, NRS 453D Required for Medical and Recreational Facilities)